Space For You || Counselling


In 2020, I qualified with a Post-graduate Diploma in Humanistic-Integrative Counselling from York St John University but this wasn’t the start of my journey into counselling. Right up to this point, the journey has taken a lot of commitment whilst I navigated family and motherhood, though I never lost sight of my goal to help people. 


My interest in psychology and mental health started while completing my A-levels at school. I then applied to study an undergraduate degree in Counselling Studies at York St John. During this time, I made the brave decision to study part-time so I could balance my personal life with my studies. Taking time (not to mention the effort of commuting to York from Lincolnshire) to obtain the degree allowed me to reflect on every aspect of my learning and gave me the confidence to become autonomous in my decision making.  Ultimately, it also made me appreciate my achievement that bit more. After 5 years of studying, in 2008, I graduated with a first-class BA Honours.  

Shortly after graduating, in January 2009, I began working in a special hospital school, providing pastoral support to pupils and their families. In 2018 I embarked on the BACP accredited post-graduate diploma in counselling at York St John. Over two years, I travelled up to York for lectures and completed a supervised placement with Lincolnshire Centre for Grief & Loss while continuing to work and care for my family. 

Since completing the PGDip, although continuing to work at the same school for 3 days a week, my role has changed significantly. I have set up a much-needed counselling service for pupils and staff across the school’s 3 sites; a role that I find highly rewarding.  

I am now a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and as such I adhere to the BACP’s ethical framework and commit to regular CPD and supervision. 

Setting up in private practice has been a long-term goal for me. I have put a lot of consideration into taking this step and it is with excitement that I launch Space For You. 


Counselling is a unique space. It is a space that is provided by me but co-created and shaped by you and our relationship. 

It is this relationship that forms the basis of our work together and is fundamental to the process of counselling. 

I am a qualified Humanistic-Integrative Counsellor, with my practice heavily influenced by the fundamentals of person-centred therapy. I believe that we all have the potential to grow and change when provided with the conditions to do so. It is my aim to support each individual to reach their therapeutic goals by offering an approach which is free from judgement and underpinned by empathy and honesty.  By providing a physically and psychologically safe, calm and confidential environment in which to work, I hope that you are able to explore the depths of your experience openly and without fear. 

Our work together is driven by you; your experience, your preferences, your needs and your goals. I will seek to understand you, what brought you to counselling and what you hope to be different once our work together ends. I will help you to gain understanding of yourself, your experiences, your relationships, your values and your beliefs. 

I believe that no two individuals are the same or have shared the same experience and so I seek to understand you as an individual in the hope that this helps you to have a better understanding of yourself. This understanding brings an increased awareness, perspective and choice, enabling you to move forward in a way that feels right for you. 


Whilst person-centred theory underpins my approach, I will adapt my practice by integrating other theoretical perspectives in response to you and your individual experience. Predominantly, our work together will be based on talking and listening although at times it might be appropriate for me to offer interventions that are more creative or “task” oriented. These will always be an invitation rather than a requirement. 

We will work in collaboration, at a pace that suits you and your therapeutic journey. I am able to offer short-, medium- or long-term work and will be led by you. We will discuss our progress frequently while working together to ensure that you are getting what you hoped to out of counselling and to allow us to adapt as necessary. We will work together to create a Space For You